TO ALL PARENTS, KIDS, GRANDPARENTALS! A MUST READ! This would help consumers big time, especially someone who travels often and conducts business all over the US, Canada and overseas. Seriously, a consumer should be able to use their device without fear of fees, data charges when in a different location that their provider may not cover! Verizon has HUGE pockets of no coverage in mountain areas across #VT, they concentrate on urban area strategy, where AT&T covers both in #VT, Sprint and T-Mobile can’t really compete in these markets due too the top 2 and it creates a mess on bills when you need to travel, conduct business or keep in touch with your children who are expected to plug in to school and complete homework assignments now using Google Drive among other internet based educational learning techniques!

Admiral Michelle Howard: Leading The Navy Into A New Era

Now this is a woman who deserves to be considered for a serious run as the First Female President of the United States. NOT a woman who feels,”IT JUST DOESN”T MATTER!” and seriously follows the kind of leadership that deflects accountability, uses RACE CARD tactics to avoid doing their JOBS! Rather then sending US all 4 DECADES BACKWARDS! She has WOMANED UP, she knows what it means to deliver, to UNIFY, put in the work it takes to lead AMERICA in a VERY DANGEROUS HOSTILE WORLD! We need LEADERSHIP! NOT BS EXCUSES!

INVESTORS NEEDED! IBM is seeking a buyer of its chip manufacturing plant located in Essex Junction, VT! Yes, we are a 1 party state grossly over taxed, SERIOUSLY UNDER EMPLOYED(NO JOB CREATION IN HIGH PAYING JOBS WITH BENEFITS), HOWEVER, WE HAVE A HIGHLY EDUCATED TALENTED WORKFORCE! This campus HAS A LOT of POTENTIAL for High Tech Start-ups, 21st Century BUSINESS MODELS! We have great outdoor 4 season Ski resorts located throughout our State, awesome Mountain Biking, hiking trails, some of the best lakes in the NORTHEAST! 2 Lake Monsters, Semi-Pro Baseball, Stanley Cup Hockey!

The developed world is in the process of committing collective national suicide. Its citizens are not producing enough babies to reproduce themselves, and the cause is quite clear. Its younger people are no longer able to bear the increasing burden of supporting a growing population of older, nonworking people. They can only offset that rising burden by cutting back at the other end of the dependence spectrum, which means having fewer or no children. -Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management